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Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Revit 2012 Service Pack Update 2

Autodesk also yesterday release the Revit 2012 Service Pack Update 2,
you will need this to use the new cloud rendering service.(project neon)

Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Autodesk Cloud Now Available

Autodesk today announced that Autodesk Cloud Services are Now available

to Subscription Customers

Exciting Times, to Autodesk Cloud promises a cloud documents service with 3GB of storage to store and share documents online. Also a cool new Design Review IPhone/IPad app for viewing and marking up DWF’s.

Project Neon, which was in labs, has been incorporated into the cloud. This is an cloud rendering service which we have used in the past and found to be very good. Basically the renders that take hours on our PC’s are ripped through in minutes with Autodesk’s render farm and emailed back to you.

It is only available to subscription customers, but subscription with Revit seems to be well worth the money.

Autodesk Revit Conceptual Energy Analysis, Autodesk Green Building Studio, Autodesk Buzzaw, Autodesk Inventor Optimization, all need to be tested before I can comment.

More later

Not Another New Revit Blog!!!

The aim of the blog is to answer any questions or queries you may have about Building Information Modelling (BIM). Please feel free to leave a comment with your questions and I will do my best to answer them. I have been using and educating people in Autodesk Revit for almost four years and its becoming difficult to answer everybody’s queries via email, so I decided to write a blog and once a query comes in I can just copy somebody a link.

That suits me nicely as I am a lazy man. I much prefer to do something once and move on to the next problem or query. That’s the main reason I like Revit so much. Fix a problem once and it’s replicated throughout.

I’m an architectural technologist by profession so I’m well versed it the pitfalls of “traditional 2D systems” (you know who you are). No longer do I want to spend my time on 3 week long door schedules or coordinating a 200 page pack of documents developed in different formats and systems that are totally alien to each other. BIM is the key to my laziness. Building Information modelling allows me to work intelligently so that I can spend my time on detail design.

We need to be aware that by simply using Autodesk Revit, we are not participating in BIM. Building information modelling is a process, Revit is just software. To truly call ourselves BIM Compliant we embrace the change in process. Information is key; a good well-constructed Revit model without any information is just a 3D model. A good well-constructed Revit model with good information is BIM.

I would like to point out at this early stage that I’m not writer, I don’t have a doctorate in English, I rely heavily on spell check, I will misuse commas in all my sentences, but I will try to answer as many questions as you may have in my honest opinion. I am open to correction so feel free to comment, if you’re right I will learn something and that’s always good.

There is lots of Revit blogs out there with loads of good tips. What I wish to provide is answers for the Irish market, where BIM is a relatively new process. If I see something of worth in another blog I will simply point you in the right direction. Let’s not reinvent the wheel.
So leave your comments below and I will endeavour to find the answers.