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Tuesday, 25 October 2011

RIAI/CITA BIM Workshop - 1-4 Nov.

Check out the BIM workshop that we are currently involved in.

Book these dates in your diary:
Nov 1-4th - BIM Workshop (drop into the RIAI anytime that week to come and see “BIM in Action”, and talk to consultants involved)
Nov 25th – CITA BIM Conference (which will include a session about the BIM Workshop)

It should prove to be an interesting week.
Check out the link below

BIM Workshop - Overall Project Objectives
This project is an initiative of the RIAI Practice Committee for BIM, and the overall objective is to test and showcase the benefits of collaborative design through BIM technology, to raise the level of understanding and awareness of BIM and promote a higher level of uptake of BIM within the industry.  

Objectives of the Workshop: 
Simulate a more collaborative preliminary stage of design through BIM Demonstrate the efficiency of working in BIM, and added value that design teams can bring to the procurement process.  
Highlight the benefits of BIM to design collaboration and decision making.  
Demonstrate how BIM improves coordination and reduces uncertainty (and by implication waste and cost in construction)  

Workshop Structure/Stages: 
Starting with a brief and suite of Revit components (from the GRD model), carry out a design workshop, to collectively assemble a bespoke design layout from the brief and components provided. Using the tools available in Revit & other BIM applications, demonstrate how the design options can be “validated” in “realtime”, against programme, performance and cost requirements, to arrive at the end of the workshop with a “fully considered” design option that ready to go to planning and/or progress on to tender and construction documentation.  

Other Activities: 
Key representatives from government and industry will be invited to “walk-in” during the process and see how the design is progressing.  
On the last day, key representatives of government, industry and press will be given a presentation by the design team, describing the process, the benefits, challenges and outcomes. Hopefully these will comment on what they have learned, and endorse the benefits that BIM has brought to the process (ie get the message back to industry).  

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