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Sunday, 11 December 2011

BIM Workshop.Conclusion

Welcome back to my blog. Blogging has been slow that last month, it has been a hectic month or so, beginning with the BIM Workshop in the RIAI.

We worked for four days collaboratively with a design team to explore the uses of BIM in our industry. Overall this was a terrific week that I was lucky to be involved in. It was really interesting to see how the other disciplines of the design team actually work. Most of us are aware of what people produce but how they actually get to that point is fascinating.

Up to that point we had really only worked with architects and engineers using BIM to create their documentation. The week of the workshop we really got in deep into a BIM Managers role, controlling the models, solving problems, laying down procedures and basically facilitating the real design process to happen through BIM. Personally I was never as busy in my life and at the end of the week I was a little disappointed that I didn’t have very much to show for my efforts. As BIM managers (which we see as a different role to a traditional CAD/BIM manager) we were simply assisting the design team in their efforts in BIM. So at the end of the week we didn’t have any models or images etc to show off. One visitor that came to the workshop (as it was open doors) asked me what exactly I was doing. I found it a difficult question to answer, how do you explain the BIM Managers role in a few simple sentences? I ended up explaining (in a roundabout way) that I wasn’t producing anything but I was making the process of design possible through BIM. Assisting the design team with their models, recommending procedures that we produced, solving problems and technical issues as they arose, all while entertaining visitors and explaining to people what we were doing! Ralph (my boss) summed it up that night in the Pub, he said “even though we didn’t produce anything, nothing would have been produced without us. We simply make it happen, make it work”

 Earlier in the year when this idea of a BIM Workshop was mooted, most of the design team were in their infancy regarding BIM. We offered training and mentoring to get people up to speed and then oversaw the process happening during the week. It was a massive learning curve for us, but one that will no doubt stand to us in the furfure.

Video Summary from CITA below

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