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Friday, 9 March 2012

Design Review QuickShare

I came across this the other day in Autodesk labs and wanted to try in out on the blog.
It basically allows you to upload a DWF file and embed it into a web page for easy sharing and viewing. No software needed, just a web browser.
I would appreciate any feedback people may have using different browsers. Just in case some browsers do deal with it as well.

The viewer itself is quit simple.You cant cut sections or move objects around. You can however upload a number of sheets in your DWF so a few ready made sections will solve your problem. These sheets will also allow 2D DWF of your drawings.
The objects and elements have their own properties much like you would find on Autodesk Cloud.The limitations of the export from Revit to DWF remain (not all parameters are exported, unable to follow URLs. etc etc) You cant add comments from what I can see but you can review them, checking there Author, Date and status.
All in all a nice feature if only for a novelty. Ideal for a Projects page on your website maybe.